Moving Forward

Moving forward. Moving forward is difficult. It’s not like the past-we know what happens in the past. It’s the opposite for moving forward because the future is unknown and unpredictable. We are scared. We’re scared that we will fall short of the mark and fail, or worse, we’re scared that we will succeed.  We are nervous. We are nervous because this is something new to us. We can stand still, stay in our safe little worlds that we live in now and never move forward, so that we can say we never failed. You coward. You slimy, vile organism. How dare you stand still and not move forward. We are disgusted. We will all fall short of our target on the first attempt, but we have the courage to wipe the mud off our faces and the blood off our knees and inch by inch move forward. Life isn’t meant to be perfect and smooth. A battered and broken body is more decorated than an unblemished one. Moving forward is shown proof in every scar. It is earned with every insult, by every slap in the face. It is evident with every tear we shed and every strained ligament we suffer through. We do not earn ribbons or badges or medals or trophies when we move forward.  We earn pride. We earn endurance. We earn respect, for ourselves and from others. We earn what all who quit will never understand. We earn the right to call you out as the coward and quitter that you are. We move forward. Carpe Diem. We seize the day. We live life the way almighty God intended. We move forward. Will you join us?


One Response to “Moving Forward”

  1. Josh Mason Says:

    This is nothing short of awe inspiring. You are an extremly talented writer and I think this message can be applied to just about any aspect of life. If we all would follow this lesson, I think everyone would be alot happier. So anyway, very good job my friend and kudos!

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