MOVIE REVIEW: Drag Me to Hell

dragDrag Me to Hell is a Horror film that came out this summer that was lost amongst all the other crap that came out at the same time. It’s quick zoom ins, quirky jokes, and gross out moments are a signature of director Sam Raimi. You know, Sam Raimi, director of the Evil Dead trilogy, The Quick and the Dead, the Spider-man series, and probably one of the best horror/action directors today (ok, ok, your right….Spider-man 3 was complete rubbish, I give you that one).  So with his past of Cult Horror classics under his belt and a decent budget, he can transform just about anything into a vomit-inducing, roller-coaster ride of a good time…which he did.

The movie starts out with Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) who works at a bank in hopes of becoming Assistant Manager but things just don’t seem to be going her way, especially since her co-worker Stu (Reggie Lee) also just happens to be vying for the same position.  When an old lady named Sylvia Ganush (Lorna Raver) comes in asking Christine for an extension on her mortgage, Christine takes this as an opportunity to show her boss (David Paymer) that she’s assistant manager material and denies Ms. Ganush an extension and ultimately shames the old woman by having her removed from the building by security guards.  When Christine is confronted by Ms. Ganush in the parking garage while trying to go home, Ms, Ganush curses a button and in 3 days Christine will be dragged to Hell by a spirit/demon. After being attacked by the spirit a few times, Christine and her professor boyfriend Clay (Justin Long…don’t know him? he’s the MAC commercial guy…see, you do know him) visit a young psychic by the name of Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) who try to help her.  After a botched attempt at another psychics house, Rham reveals that if Christine formally gives the button to someone else, she wont go to Hell but that person will. Who does she give it to? The deceptive co-worker Stu? the evil old woman who gave it to her in the first place? Does she give it to Spider-man?

I enjoyed this film, especially since it’s the special time of year when we all dress up like Michael Jackson or Jason Voorhees and get high off candy and caramel apples.  It just feels like throwback to the old classic horror films of the 70’s with a modern twist on things. The cinematography even had an updated classic feel to it. Performance wise, I liked Alison Lohman, who I recognize from such movies as Matchstick Men and Big fish.  But the performance that really stood out to me was Dileep Rao, who I hope will be starring in a lot more future roles.  Other great appearances include David Paymer and Chelcie Ross.

Now on to things that dragged this film down to Purgatory.  The biggest complaint that I have about this film is that it is predictable.  Twenty minutes before the credits begin rolling, you already know how the movie is going to end.  And along with predictability come pacing problems.  There were so many slow-go-slow-go-slow-go moments that it was rather boring in some parts.  The last complaint I have is that this movie really didn’t bring anything new to the horror genre.  This is a small and really insignificant complaint since one of the movies strong points is to take us back to the horror classics of our past.

This Movie isn’t anything special.  At best, it’s a pop movie: Something you’ll only ever see once or twice.  But the whole point of this movie is to have fun and to be grossed out, and thats what you’ll have when you watch this.

Verdict:  RENT IT!

*Poster by Midnight Marauder


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