MOVIE REVIEW: The Blind Side

I have never liked Sandra Bullock.  I have always thought she was an over glorified actress who has never had an outstanding performance.  I mean, when your highest ranked film is the action blockbuster Speed (Want proof, go to her Rotten Tomatoes profile), then your career does not scream out ‘Amazing’.  But when I saw the Trailer for The Blind Side, I saw something different in her.  So did other people because there are rumors of an Oscar nomination.  I decided it was time to give Mrs. Bullock another chance, and since I am a son of the great city of Memphis, I felt I should hear the extraordinary tale of Michael Oher.


The Blind Side begins with Michael Oher (played brilliantly by Quinton Aaron) enrolling in a private Christian high school.  After his enrollment it becomes clear to his teachers that Michael is under-prepared to attend such a highly educational school.  The Tuohys, a well off Memphis family, notice this and the fact that Michael is at the moment homeless.  Feeling the need to help him, Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock), her husband Sean (Tim McGraw) and their two kids Collins (the under used Lily Collins) and S.J. (the over used Jae Head) decide to take Michael in to their house and eventually legally adopt him.  From there, we follow the Tuohys and Michael as he improves his grades, learns how to play football, and decides to accept a scholarship from Ole Miss University, and his eventual NFL draft to the Baltimore Ravens.

I really liked this film, which includes *gasps* Sandra Bullock’s performance (but we’ll get to that later).  This is an extraordinary tale that demands your attention from the first down to the end of the fourth quarter.  Yes there are a few clichéd moments in this film, but even in these weak moments, you would be hard pressed to find a false note.  Another great thing about this movie is that football is not the main feature.  But, while football was not the main focus of the film, the unfortunate thing is that Michael story was second to the Tuohy’s story at times. I felt that the director spent too much time on Leigh Anne when it should have been spent on Michael.  But these few inconsistencies are poor blockers that get sacked by the power of the story.

Now on to the performances.  As I mentioned before, I loved Sandra Bullock’s portrail as a strong and confident Southern woman.  She just seemed so comfortable in this role and I believed every second.  But my favorite performance by far was Quinton Aaron.  He was simply brilliant as the protective giant who has a heart of gold.  I would even say that he was not used enough in this film, which goes for a few other outstanding performance.  The performances that I am talking about are Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy and Lily Collins as Collins Tuohy.  On the flip side, there was a performance that was just too over the top:  That honor goes to little Jae Head, who is just horrible as the annoying side kick.  As for Kathy Bates, well…she is uncomfortable in this role and it just shows on-screen.

I am still not fully convinced by Sandra Bullock, but I am confident that she can pull off another performance of this caliber very soon (as long as she stays away from chick flicks and comedies).  What I am convinced of is how much I enjoyed this movie, and I believe that you will too.  If you have not gone out and seen this film yet, do so soon.


Whats you opinion of this film?  Am I just being a cruel critic to Sandra? Leave a comment below.


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