A Few Thoughts on: Conan and NBC

This is a new series that I wanted to tryout where I give a few thoughts and ideas on matters that have caught the interest of everyone and the media. Originally, my first one was going to be on the Mark McGwire steroid scandal but I decided that this subject was more important and more present.  Tonight, Conan O’ Brien will say goodbye as the host of The Tonight Show and will also say goodbye to his home of 17 years, NBC.  Following the coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Jay Leno will return as host of the long running late night show.  While Leno has proven that he is the king of late night, I don’t believe that it is right for him to retake what isn’t his after only seven months.

This whole controversy began with poor ratings on Jay Leno’s prime time show, The Jay Leno Show.  In order to solve this problem, the brilliant minds at NBC thought that they should give Leno The Tonight Show’s long-standing time slot. This would bump Mr. O’ Brien and The Tonight Show back to 12:05/11:05, essentially leaving new Late Night host Jimmy Fallon out in the cold.  Being the gentlemen he is, Conan publicly stated that he would not tarnish the name of the show by moving and that he would not do that to Mr. Fallon.

I am very disappointed in Mr. Leno. I always thought he was a down to earth guy (yes even though he owns an army of cars) and someone who wouldn’t be caught up in all this greed. Let me unpack what I mean. Leno passed the torch to Conan. He didn’t lend the torch to him for seven months while he tried another adventure.  No, he passed up his place and that should be final.  But over the past week or so, he has proven that he can take it back if he whines to the boss enough.

Another thing that bothers me about this whole ordeal could be stated in just three letters:  NBC.  NBC has recently had a problem with cancelling show just because the rating are not spectacular the first few episodes.  It started with the amazing show Southland and the most recent victim has been The Jay Leno Show.  I am amazed that such good shows as Parks & Recreation and Community are still on the air since they have only recently started to find a following.  What I’m trying to say is neither Leno nor Conan was truly given a shot at their new project.  I fear for the future of this already failing network and hope that the executives start to pull their act together.

So what exactly are we left with?  We’re left with a man reluctantly leaving a network he has called home for over 17 years and is now left with an uncertain future.  We’re left with a greedy yet funny old man who doesn’t know when his time has ended. And we’re left with a network who has lost touch on how to run a business.  But, we are left with one ray of sunshine during these late night wars:  One last show for a truly amazing man to shine.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Leave your comments below and as Patrick Swayze said in Dirty Dancing, “No one puts Coco in the corner”


One Response to “A Few Thoughts on: Conan and NBC”

  1. Butlerized Says:

    I think that NBC has some skeletons in their closet and leno has the key. I also think that COCO made out quite well and is walking away a very wealthy man. Screw NBC. Leno is a very greedy man.

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