Everyone loves the underdog story.  We love it when the down-and-out character makes a triumphant return and comes back the victor.  Proof is in the success of last years extremely low-budget success story The Wrestler and its main actor, Mickey Rourke. It’s one of the oldest stories known to man, from David vs. Goliath to Robert Downey Jr. vs. drugs.  2009’s underdog was Bad Blake, Jeff Bridges’ country singer in Crazy Heart.


Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is an alcoholic country star who used to be on top of the charts and is now reduced to playing shady bars and bowling alleys in the southwest.  While performing at a bar for a few nights, Blake grants an interview to a young divorced journalist named Jean Craddock (Maggie Gyllenhaal). After a few meetings, Blake falls in love with Jean and realizes he is at a very interesting point in his life. He must decide if he will change his ways for Jean or if he will stick with his same boozy ways.  He is also at this time approached by Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell), a young protegé of Blake’s, about having him write some songs for Tommy.

Crazy Heart  is the best film I have seen so far this year. Bridges’ performance in this film was worthy of the awards he has won for his heartbreaking Bad Blake. I can’t even call this a performance; Bridges’ doesn’t perform or act- he is Bad Blake. And who can forget the rest of the cast.  Everyone who supports in this film does so with veteran precision.  Maggie Gyllenhaal deserved her Supporting Actress nomination at this years Academy Awards (and in my opinion, should have won). And don’t forget the great Robert Duvall, the under mentioned Collin Farrell, and surprisingly good debut by one of the soundtrack’s main artist Ryan Bingham.

Now on to one of the most important aspects of this movie: the music.  The music in this film is simply amazing, especially “The Weary Kind” which won the Oscar for best original song.  The rest of the songs are just as good, and you even get a feeling like you’ve known the song for years.  Most importantly, they all remind us of the main theme of the movie:  The harder the life, the sweeter the song.

There really isn’t anything bad to say about this film. I’m not saying that it’s perfect, but I am saying that everything is just the way they are supposed to be.  If you are planning to go to your local cinema this weekend, check and see if Crazy Heart is playing; you won’t regret it .

Verdict: SEE IT!

Have you seen Crazy Heart? What did you think of it? Leave your comments and opinions below.


One Response to “MOVIE REVIEW: Crazy Heart”

  1. Josh Mason Says:

    this movie looks really gay. I prefer Jeff Bridges as Iron Monger. The oscar should’ve went to his performance as a guy that shoots rockets out of his arms, not the washed up country singer.

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