MOVIE REVIEW: Clash of the Titans

I’m really tired of all the 3-D hype.  I wasn’t even that impressed by the 3-D in the mega success Avatar. Yes, it was the most impressive film to have 3-D in it but it still felt like a cheap gimmick (especially the floating jellyfish).  Not only that, but the ticket prices are ridiculous (an astounding $17.50 in most places) and some of the movies that are “3-D” are actually “2-D films made to look 3-D”, which is the case with the  remake of the 1981 classic Clash of the Titans.  I decided to see Clash in 2-D, which I fear will soon be a lost art form much like Black and White film making.


Clash of the Titans is the story of Perseus (blandly portrayed by Mr. 3D himself, Sam Worthington), a demigod who was dropped into the ocean in a coffin with his mother’s body and was discovered by a fisherman named Spyros. Perseus grows up a fisherman not knowing his godly pedigree.  One day while fishing with his family, Perseus witnesses soldiers of Argos destroying a statue of Zeus (Perseus’s father, portrayed by the underutilized Liam Neeson), which ends up falling into the sea and killing his family.

Perseus is rescued by the soldiers, taken to Argos, and is brought in front of King Cepheus, Queen Cassiopeia, and the lovely princess Andromeda in order to decide his fate. Out of nowhere Hades appears, reaps havoc, and reveals to Perseus that he is the son of Zeus. He also reveals that unless princess Andromeda is sacrificed for their vanity, Zeus will release the Kraken upon Argos.  With this new-found information, King  Cepheus asks Perseus if he would defeat the Kraken and save Argos from the gods wrath. Initially resistent, Perseus agrees to help upon the advisement of a woman named lo (Gemma Arterton) who has been watching over Perseus all of his life.  Armed with a small army of Argives led by Draco (portrayed by none other than the Bond villain Le Chiffre, Mads Mikkelsen), Perseus sets out to wage war on giant scorpions, Medusa, the Kraken, and the gods themselves.

I had a really good time seeing this film.  While Clash really is not dialogue driven (some conversations reduced to mere short phrases) and at times the plot was as thin as a toothpick, I felt it was a really good remake of the campy 1981 original.  Many people have said that they were not impressed by the CGI or the set pieces used in the film but I believe that this adds charm to the film.  Yes, Zeus’ overly shiny armor is over the top and the ships and other scenery look like they were left over from the original Clash, but isn’t that why so many people love the original? Not only that, but there are some good performance from Gemma Arterton and Mads Mikkelson.  But like many action films, there are some weak points that need to be addressed.

Lets start with some of the performances. Sam Worthington is, well, a horrible actor.  If we can be honest, he is just another man in a line of “actors” who has come on strong and then will disappear forever into the darkness of Medusa lair.  He does not even really try in this film, just udders his lines in a rough voice and slashes and hacks away at whatever is put in front of him.  While Worthington faces too much screen time, veteran actor Liam Neeson faces too little screen time.  You would think that the role of Zeus would have had a larger screen presence but it seems that the only memorable scene he has in Clash is when he makes the famous demand “RELEASE THE KRAKEN”.

Is this remake of Clash a cinematic masterpiece? No, quite far from it, but how many action films can you actually call masterpieces? Literally only about a handful.  So should you see this film? Absolutely. Clash lives up to legend it has built itself since 1981 and is one fun thrill ride.


*A special thanks to my dad for sharing this cinematic adventure with me.

So what did you think of Clash of the Titans? Did it release the Kraken of fun or was it more dead than Medusa? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.


One Response to “MOVIE REVIEW: Clash of the Titans”

  1. Finally! you’ve given a movie review I fully agree with. I hate that they keep adding the 3-D gimmick to every movie that comes out. I believe it should only be used in movies that are FILMED in 3-D. and even then, it should be used sparingly. I also agree that Liam Neeson was not used nearly enough, especially considering that he is in the top ten greatest actors of the century in my book. The only part I disagree with is that Sam Worthington is not a horrible actor. I will say he isn’t great but he pulls off roles that suit him. Anyway, overall you gave a very good review. now you should review the 1981 film.

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