The current state of romantic comedies is well…rather unromantic. When ever I see a romantic comedy I always feel like I have seen it before. Here is the formula for all rom-com’s:  Man/woman meet and instantly hate each other. Man/woman are forced together to accomplish a goal. Man/woman slowly begin to warm to one another. Man/woman fall in love. One of them does something to make the other extremely mad and both break up. They both mope around while a cheesy love song plays. One of them makes a grand gesture of love to the other. They come together again and kiss. Credit screen rolls. Sound like a movie you have seen? Sound like a ton of movies you have seen? That is what I thought. But a few months ago I ran across a trailer for a film Adam and it is far from a typical Rom-com.


Adam Raki (Hugh Dancy) is an exceptionally smart and strange young man who has just lost his father. Facing the future of having to live by himself for the first time in his life, Adam has a hard time adjusting to a bachelor lifestyle. He has to learn to shop for food, do his laundry, and how to find a new job. The only person Adam really has is a family friend named Harlan (Frankie Faison).

At this time a young woman named Beth Buchwald (Rose Byrne) moves into the apartment building that Adam lives in. Beth, who has problems of her own (here father is currently in court being charged with mishandling a client’s account books), is intrigued by Adam and they both spend some time together. But after an awkward encounter between the two, Adam reveals why he acts strange: he has Asperger’s syndrome which is a form of high-functioning autism. Beth begins to learn how to understand Adam and they both begin dating. But can Beth actually accept Adam for who he is.

This film is not like other rom-coms. In fact, I have a hard time even calling it a romantic comedy. There is less comedy and more dark moments. To watch Adam struggle with a relationship and life is at times heart-breaking and sad to watch on-screen. One scene in particular comes to mind; Adam goes to visit Beth at the school that she teaches at and the police stop to interrogate him, causing him to be scared. Although I absolutely loved this film, to label as a comedy is almost misleading.

Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne are absolutely amazing in this film. Dancy’s portrayal of a man with Asperger’s is almost enough to forgive him for being in Confessions of A Shopaholic. Rose Byrne’s Beth is great as well. To watch her transform from a self-absorbed person to a less self-absorbed person shows just how talented she is. The only character that is under utilized is Frankie Faison’s Harlan, who is an amazing as Adam’s friend.

Adam is unique. It is actually a good Romantic comedy. The only fault that I really found with it is the sub-plot between Beth and her parents. This really does slow the film down at times. But you should still seek out this film if you are tired of the same old boring romantic comedy with Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson.

Adam is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.


So have you seen Adam? What did you think? Leave your comments and opinions below.


One Response to “DVD REVIEW: Adam”

  1. I remember this was getting a lot of Oscar buzz early in the year, but it never quite fully met its expectations. Oh well, gotta give this one a shot.

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