I Saw A Film Today… The Social Network

Before seeing The Social Network, I began thinking about the future of Facebook and social networks in general. In ten years will people still have a Facebook? Will Twitter still be broadcasting tweets? Or will both join forces with Youtube to make the mega-site, You-Twit-Face? Personally I believe they will survive. We as a society have grown too accustomed to being one click away from catching up with our friends and family (which is a good thing). I just hope that there will be no Farmville in the future.


The setting is Harvard University, 2003. Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), a brilliant student who could possibly have a form Asperger’s, has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Seeking revenge Mark blogs about her and with the help of his friend Eduardo they create the site “FaceMash”, which allows fellow students to decide which of the two female students is more attractive. By four in the morning the site has received 22,000 hits and crashes Harvard’s network.

Mark is now the talk of the campus and is approached by twin brother rowing jocks, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Both portrayed by Armie Hammer). The twins, along with another student, have an idea for a social network site called Harvard Connection and want Mark to help. He agrees but secretly begins working on his own version of the site called “TheFacebook”. Mark launches the site and it soon becomes extremely popular, making Mark and Eduardo celebrities among students.

The rest of the film revolves around the expansion of Facebook. Eventually lawsuits are brought against Mark from the Winklevoss twins and also Eduardo, who is treated unfairly by Mark and Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake).

The Social Network is easily one of the best films I have seen all year. David Fincher has once again made another great film. A film that is smart, well paced, and occasionally has some funny moments. While there is argument about the validity of all that is in the movie, it does not matter in the end: this is a movie that defines a generation and a decade.

I have never really been a fan of Jesse Eisenberg but his performance is spectacular. He shows his dramatic acting skills in this film and leaves us with a few standout scenes. During the film we are on his side 100 percent. Then somewhere at the end of the film there is a subtle change in his demeanor which could almost go unnoticed. In the end we are left wondering…just how honest was this character?

The rest of the supporting cast is just as phenomenal. Andrew Garfield is extremely talented and it is on full display in this film. Although Rashida Jones role was brief and short, it was still one of the best in the film. And the list just goes on with Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, Rooney Mara, and Max Minghella.

If you have not already seen The Social Network, I strongly suggest you go see this obvious Oscar contender as soon as possible.

Verdict: SEE IT!

So have you see The Social Network? Would you suggest it to your friends or would you click the mythical “unlike” button? Leave your comments and opinions below.


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