I Saw A Film Today… Determinism

The resurgence of independent film-making in the past few years has been a glorious process to watch. Without this surge of young men and young women taking interest in this art form, we would not have such films as Lost In Translation, Memento, or even Paranormal Activity (good or bad, you be the judge). Thrown into this mix of independent film-makers are two young and energetic identical twins named Ranju and Sanjit Majumdar with their crime drama, Determinism.


Things are not going well for Alec (Sanjit Majumdar). He has flunked out of university and has just learned that his father has cut him off. Alec decides that it is time to leave Burroughs University and start fresh in New Jersey. There is only one problem: he needs money to do so and he needs it quick.

Alec believes he finds his big break when he thinks of robbing a drug dealer named Jeff (Geoffrey Ohen). Alec recruits his friend Tristan (Ryan Lewis), a recovering drug addict, to help him with the plan. Everything is going well until Jeff comes home in the middle of the burglary and is killed.

Now nearly everyone Alec knows gets caught in his already tangled web of problems as the underground drug community of the small town begins searching for him and Tristan. Can he sell of the pills he stole? Will he get his “fresh start”?

Determinism was a fantastic film and on such a modest budget makes it all the more impressive. The story is dark, deep, and complex. Sometimes so complex that you almost forget everything that is going on but still engaging none the less. The performances are fantastic and very well done as well.

Beautifully and rather boldly shot mostly at night, This film’s green and dark tint makes this story even deeper. It gives a feeling of a broad environment yet claustrophobic at the same time. And when the few day shots come on-screen, it shocks and gives a feeling of unease.

This film was a joy to watch. It’s dark and enticing story is an amazing addition to the crime drame genre. I look forward to the future of these two film-makers in the coming years.

Verdict: SEE IT!

For more information on this film and where you can see it visit: http://determinismthemovie.com/


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