I Saw A Film Today… The Fighter

fighterI love boxing. Not that UFC kicking stuff that guys who typically wear Ed Hardy and a baseball hat with the sticker still on it tend to watch. I mean boxing. There is a real art to it. An art with brain concussions and blood but an art none the less. The Fighter is the story of Micky Ward’s comeback story and the outside problems that plagued him. (Update: Since seeing this film, two changes have occurred: 1) I have rewatched The Fighter and found it on the second instance to be more enjoyable than the first. 2) I have found that I actually do enjoy kick boxing to a certain extent.)


HBO is filming the story of Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale), A former boxer now drug addict. Dicky believes they are here to film his “comeback” to the sport. What he doesn’t know is they are actually documenting his addiction to drugs.

His brother Micky (Mark Wahlberg) is also a fighter training for a fight. After a couple of losses, Micky could really use a win. But at the last minute his opponent has to withdraw and is given the option of fighting someone 20 pounds more than him. If Micky refuses no one gets paid, which includes Dicky and their mother (Melissa Leo).

Micky takes the fight and gets severely beat. Micky realizes that certain members of his family, like Dicky and his mum, are the ones that are holding him back from reaching his goal.

After meeting a bartender named Charlene (Amy Adams) and a business man named Sal who wants to help him, Micky realizes that he must make the change. But is the time for change to late?

The Fighter comes out to be a pretty good film in the end. It’s a real underdog story, a more realistic and believable Rocky. It is one of Mark Wahlberg’s best roles and he slips into his Boston accent and role with ease. It certainly is a vast improvement from his previous film, The Other Guys.

There are a few other performances worth mentioning. Amy Adams is great in her tough-as-nails Charlene. And Christian Bale does an amazing job with his role, even if at times it is too comical.

Unfortunately there are a few flaws in this film. The most prevalent being this: no sane person would stick with people as annoying and self-centered as Micky’s family. His mothers (and seven ugly sisters) misguided focus and intentions are destructive to Micky progress.

The Boxer is a fine film but never delivers its finishing blow. Wahlberg’s performance is enough for you to see the film but some scenes just feel like they have been done before.

Verdict: RENT IT!

*A special thanks to my cousin Scott for sharing this cinematic adventure with me.

*Poster by Midnight Marauder.

Any thoughts or opinions about The Fighter? Leave them below.


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