I Saw A Film Today… The Green Hornet

I love comic book heroes. I love what they stand for and what they mean to people. But I do not love the film adaptations of these heroes. These films as of late have no care for the story and are only made with profit in mind… a stark contrast to the ideology of these masked vigilantes. And Hollywood is only now digging into the real interesting ones. Captain America and Green Lantern are coming out soon and I have concerns that their story will not be justified. Another interesting character is The Green Hornet but with funny man Seth Rogen as Britt Reid, I went into the film with low expectations.

Britt Reid is a slacker in his late twenties who mooches off the success of his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), the publisher of LA’s The Daily Sentinel. He spends his time trashing trendy hotel rooms and in general living the life of a overprivilaged brat (as he does the rest of the film). But then his father dies of a bee sting and Britt now must run his father’s paper.

Reid show little interest in the paper and worries more about why his coffee doesn’t taste like it used to. Enter Kato (Jay Chou), who is essentially an Asian robot from the future who can do nearly anything. This includes stopping time and obtaining military grade weaponry with ease apparently. The two get drunk together one night and decide to vandalize a statue of Britt’s dad. While doing so they witness a robbery and stop the baddies.

This makes Britt think: why not be masked vigilantes? Him and Kato decide that the best way to stop crime is to in fact give the appearance of being criminals. This leads to run-ins with drug dealers, gangs, and a very violent man known as Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). Will Chudnofsky be the end of Britt and Kato or will their own dysfunctional relationship do the wet work? Oh, and Cameron Diaz fits somewhere in this film.

This film was in fact a boring ordeal to go through. Just when you think the film is finished, out of nowhere comes another gunfight or car chase. I was ready to go thirty minutes before the credits rolled. The films story is ultimately predictable, linear, and does no justice to the Green Hornet franchise.

I believe that one of major downfalls is Seth Rogen. While he is a great choice for slacker Britt, he the worst choice for Green Hornet Britt. In fact, I believe the film could have been called “Kato and the Anchor Known as The Green Hornet.” Jay Chou in fact does all the work while Rogen fumbles around.

And as for Cameron Diaz, I’m still quite puzzled as to her role in this film. Such a talented actresses skills are squandered on a role that collectively last probably about fifteen minutes. As are most of the other supporting roles. The only performance that really makes a good impression is Christoph Waltz. Even though he uses an impractical and impossible double barrel Desert Eagle pistol.

In the end, The Green Hornet has no sting and is nothing more than a mediocre B-film.

Verdict: SKIP IT!

Any thoughts or opinions on The Green Hornet? Leave them below.


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