I Saw A Film Today… The Mechanic

I never truly knew how good marketing groups were until the poster and standee for The Mechanic was put up at the theater I work at. Nearly one out of every four people who walked by it said “Oh, that looks like a good film!” There was no trailer available for this film at that time. All there was is the poster you see to your left. How can someone say “that looks like a good film” based upon this? But now that it has been released, the real question is: does the poster match the movie?


Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a Mechanic. But not the kind that you are thinking of. A “mechanic” is code for a wet-man or hitman. And as is the standard for action films, Arthur is the best (I mean, who want to follow the story of the number two?). Arthur does his job, lives in a secluded New Orleans modern home, and is attracted to a pretty prostitute (Mini Anden). Life is good.

But that does not last long because Arthur is told he must kill his friend and mentor Harry (Donald Sutherland). Arthur does so and thinks he can go back to his normal routine. Then enters Steve (Ben Foster), Harry’s screw up of a son, who decides that he wants to be just like Arthur. Feeling obligated to help him out, Arthur decides to show him the ropes.

The two embark on a few missions together, Arthur being professional as always. Steve spends his time drinking enough alcohol to impress Charlie Sheen and doing the opposite of what Arthur says. But things begin spiraling out of control after one botched job. Was Arthur set up by his own organization? Will Steve find out Arthur’s dirty secret?

When people come to see The Mechanic, they don’t come expecting a deep character study. They expect a typical mindless action film. And The Mechanic delivers this with plenty of action, a dash of explosions, and a pinch of sexuality for everyone. It has everything that defines an action film and does it in style.

Jason Statham is the usual calm and collected killer that has made him an action icon. In truth he is just a clone of Frank Martin from The Transporter series of movies. I’m not say that this is not entertaining, I’m just saying it would be nice for the man to bring a little flavor to the genre every once in a while. As for Ben Foster, he does well in his role, although I found him a little annoying.

In the end, The Mechanic delivers what you expect and keeps you entertained until the end. It’s not the best action film released recently but it is certainly better than most (uh hum, Green Hornet).

Verdict: RENT IT!

Leave your thoughts and opinions below. They are very much appreciated.


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