A Few Thoughts On… The 2011 Oscars.

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year turned out to be a mediocre and disappointing one at best. This year I predicted in 7 of the major categories who I think would win and ended up with a record of 4-7. A big difference from last year when I went 6-6 (Next year I plan on making predictions in all 24 categories). Did I just make poor choices? No, I just believe the statues went to the wrong people.

The first mistake of the night was in the Supporting Actress category. I was confused as Melissa Leo’s name was called out instead of more deserving nominees such as Hailee Steinfeld or Helena Bonham Carter. Her role in the fighter was impressive, just not award impressive. And not to mention the fact that she took out ads promoting herself in the category.

Then there was the Directing winner. I believe Tom Hooper to be a talented director but best director? No. I still find The king’s Speech to be the better film, David Fincher was the far better director for The Social Network. And, even though I have said it before, it bares repeating: Christopher Nolan should have woke up next to the statue this morning. I thought it would have been great if he had a Zoolander moment last night and went up to receive the award.

For me the most disappointing category of the night was Best Documentary Feature. I think it’s a shame that Banksy didn’t win with Exit Through the Gift Shop just because he would only accept the award if his identify remained secret. But there were  better choices than inside Job. Josh Fox’s Gasland for example, or even Restrepo.

As for the night itself, there was nothing special about it. James Franco seems tense and uncomfortable as host while Anne Hatheway was exciting and energetic. But there were some memorable moments. Leo’s F-bomb. Franco in a dress. Kirk Douglas hamming it up. Downey Jr. and Law bantering. All great stuff but it still equalled out to a mediocre night on the pink- I mean red carpet. 

Just a suggestion: Kirk Douglas/ Robert Downey Jr. as host next year.


3 Responses to “A Few Thoughts On… The 2011 Oscars.”

  1. I thought Franco was horrible. And it didn’t seem like he held up his end of the team – Anne Hathaway was out there solo quite a bit. She was so cute, though.

    I would really, really like to see Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds host next year, but that’s just me. 🙂

  2. mcarteratthemovies Says:

    My thought: It’s a damn shame James Franco didn’t show up. He could have been a good host.

    • Kevin Entrekin Says:

      Haha yeah that would have been nice. Too bad we got his zombie brother instead.

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