I Saw A Film Today… Battle: L.A.

Since the selection of Science-Fiction films were minimal (or non-existent for that matter) last year, I have been waiting for a good film from the genre to come along. Thankfully, there may be a few arriving soon. Some such as Super 8, Apollo 18, Paul, and the film this review is over, Battle: L.A. After seeing the trailer for this film I was actually excited about it. Aliens, gun fights, explosions, Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, what more could you possibly want from this film? Apparently more than what was offered.


SSgt. Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) is an aging Marine and he knows it. Following a hinted at mission that went bad, Nantz has decided to retire. But as mysterious meteorites begin falling off the coast of many major cities (hum, sounds suspicious), Nantz is called back in to command a new platoon of soldiers for one last hooray.

Why is the Military being mobilized you ask? Because those meteors aren’t meteors at all. They are aliens invading our planet and they mean business. Although why they are invading is never really explained except for the possible theory that they need our water for fuel.

So who’s going to stop these mostly mechanical extraterrestrials? Why not Nantz, his platoon, and a group of civilians? This interesting group of people combined represents nearly every kind of action movie stereotype. This includes the guy from Jersey (accent included), The mandatory female (the lovely Michelle Rodriguez), the green rookie, and many more.

Battle L.A. is a mysterious film to me. Mysterious in the fact that some part of me liked it. For one, there isn’t a lot of story here. From the first frame of the movie, you are Oscar Mike (code for “on the go”) and don’t stop until the credits are rolling. This leaves very little room for story. The whole premise is to get from point A to Point B. Then point C to point D. And after about the first hour this film starts to feel monotonous.

Editing is one of the worst I’ve seen in a while. The shaky camera work and quick cuts are confusing and annoying most of the time. And those few instances when the camera is steady, for some reason there are unnecessary jagged zoom-ins. I get that it supposed to feel a bit like a Call of Duty level but in the end it makes the film visually muddled.

There are some redeeming qualities though. For all the faults listed above, Battle: L.A. is for some reason an entertaining film. It is in fact a fun, fast-paced thrill ride. Aaron Eckhart is great as the battle-hardened Staff Sargeant. And the lovely action babe Michelle Rodriguez is at her best in the genre she has become known for.

Normally, I would not like this sort of rubbish. But for some reason I somewhat did. It’s not a visually striking film. Nor does it have a recognizable plot. But it is entertaining enough to keep watching until the end. Just leave your brain at the door first.

Verdict: RENT IT!

Thoughts? Opinions? Leave them below.


One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… Battle: L.A.”

  1. Yep. Pretty “meh.” Like the most banal and crappy combination of Independence Day and the Hurt Locker I’ve ever seen. In the end, it’s just a video game, up on the screen. Good review, check out mine when you can please!

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