I Saw A Film Today… Paul

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a classic duo. Like Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers. Except they are both men. And they don’t dance together. Not on film at least. Maybe I should start over. They are a classic comedy duo. Best friends in real life whose chemistry flows forth on-screen. They started out at 23 Meteor Street, went on to survive zombies and gun-weilding country folk. Now they are back together in Paul as two nerds helping a slacker alien escape Earth.


Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost) are two English nerds making a pilgrimage to the promised land: the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego. After spending the day in this paradise, the two decide to embark on a road trip to see all of America’s UFO hot spots.

But the boyos bite off more than they can chew after witnessing an accident. This is where they meet Paul (Seth Rogen), an alien who crash landed in the U.S. in the 40’s and has been a prisoner of the government ever since. Paul waste no time hitching a ride with Graeme and Clive.

Paul’s escape catches the attention of many people along the way to a mysterious location. Including that of government agent Zoil (Jason Bateman), two rednecks, and a fundamentalist Christian (Kristen Wiig) who has her faith rocked by the appearance of Paul and ends up going on the road with the guys. Will Paul make it to his rendezvous before the government catches him?

The more you love Sci-Fi films, the more you are going to love Paul. There are subtle jokes and references throughout the movie ranging from Star Wars to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and everything in between. But you don’t have to of seen these films in order to appreciate Paul. It is a hilarious road trip film with adult humor (What else would you expect from director Greg Mottola?).

The framework for the plot is not exactly new, but it is a fresh approach. Some of the jokes do fall flat though and leave you with a “seen it before feeling”. But what you haven’t seen before are some of the creative explicatives that come from the actors mouths ( including my favorite, “hairy man eggs”).

Pegg and Frost are the glue of this film. The chemistry between the two is comedic  fried gold and really make up for some of the flat jokes. Rogen’s Paul is rude and crude but you end up loving the little green guy anyways. Kristen Wiig stands out as the innocent backwoods Christian girl who loses her beliefs because of Paul. A little over the top at times (she wears a shirt depicting Jesus shooting Charles Darwin) but still great. Not to mention Jason Bateman, Bill Hadar, John Carroll Lynch, and a cameo from a Sci-Fi legend.

Paul works because it has a big, loveable heart. It unashamedly salutes Sci-Fi films and does it with care. It also helps that it is hilarious. Want some mild adult humor? Then give Paul a watch.

Verdict: SEE IT!

Thoughts? Opinion? Leave them below.


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