I Saw A Film Today… Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder parallels M. Night Shyamalan in some aspects. He started off strong with early releases like the remake of Dawn of The Dead (although a good film I still feel it shouldn’t share the same name as the George A. Romero masterpiece) and the graphic novel adaptations of Watchmen and 300. But everything from here on just seems to go down hill. Or in Snyder’s case, kicked off a cliff. I believe his Achilles heel is all visuals, no substance. So did he try to fix this issue in Sucker Punch, his latest release? Unfortunately no.


Baby Doll’s (Emily Browning, and yes the names do get worse from here on) life just sucks. First her stepfather kills her mother. Then while trying to protect her sister from said devil, she accidentally shoots her instead.

Baby Doll then ends up in a mental hospital where she is to be lobotomized so she can’t tell the authorities what really happened to her sister. To cope with her troubled reality, Baby Doll retreats into a fantasy world where she is a prostitute at a brothel. Not really much of a “fantasy” world if I’m honest.

It is here Bab’s meets other girls just as broken as her. She decides that escape is the only option. She once again slips into another fantasy world where she will “acquire” the tools necessary to escape. These fantasy worlds actually don’t serve a purpose nor move the “story” along in any way. These worlds range from fighting in WWII against steampunk zombie Nazi’s (with modern weapons I might add) to fighting a dragon to disarming a bomb on a train on one of Saturn’s moons apparently.

There is no point summarizing the rest of this film. For one there is no story to summarize and second I believe my I.Q. would drop if I went on. From the first frame of this mindless adventure you are saturated with CGI landscapes filled with explosions and slow motion action sequences that serve no purpose other than to say “hey, look what I can do with a computer!”.

All of Synder’s themes are present here: Martial Arts, stylized action, rape, and most notably, sexism. The strong suit of this film should have been young females showing how tough they are. Instead we are left with women treated like animals and wearing skimpy outfits throughout that void real world application. I mean who wears short skirts and fish net stockings while fighting a giant samurai or battle undead Germans? The characters only serve as jailbait for young boys and creepy old men.

There really is no reason to mention performances either. There are none. The most interesting character is the orderly/pimp Blue Jones (Oscar Issac). And at first the almost David Carradine-esque Wise man is interesting but even he falls to stereotype. Not even my general liking of Jena Malone could keep me interested during this dribble.

I’m still confused as to who Snyder was marketing this film to. Is it for fanboys hoping for a live action graphic novel or trade paperback? Is it softcore pornography for young teenage boys who could not sneak into a R-rated film? Is it for people who have actually had a lobotomy? I don’t know. I do know it ends up catering to no one in particular.

Verdict: SKIP IT!

So did you see Sucker Punch. Did it knock you out or punch you right in the downstairs region. Don’t be shy, leave comments and opinions below.

2 Responses to “I Saw A Film Today… Sucker Punch”

  1. William Cody Billings Says:

    good lord. haha.
    I’m guessing his marketing is to whom you suggested.
    I haven’t seen it but I have yet to hear anything good about it.

  2. I decided not to argue against it from the feminist perspective when I got to the end of the story – the moral encouragement: You have all the weapons you need: now fight. The movie was a sexist fantasy commenting on the fantasy; made to appeal to those who would hold the fantasy (and/or/of suppress the feminine) as well as a statement of the fact: only a small percentage – one out of fifty – gets out.

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