I Saw A Film Today… Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

B-films in general are pretty bad. Do you really expect much from a film that has to deal with budget issues? But the art and charm of the B-film is that it takes bad and sometimes makes it great. Or the commentary of that film is more enjoyable than the actual film, like when watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. Or both (see: The Room). Dylan Dog: Dead of Night falls into the B-film genre and it’s a pretty good one at that.


Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) is a private detective in New Orleans. But he’s not an ordinary detective, he is a detective for the undead. Zombies, vampires (the unsparkly kind), and werewolves, he covers them all. Or he did.

After a mysterious incident involving someone he loved, Dylan now only takes cases of infidelity and such with his assistant Marcus (Sam Huntington). Then Dylan is presented with a case involving werewolves by Elizabeth (Anita Briem). He says no at first until Marcus is killed by the same werewolf.

Now Dylan is on the case and many of his undead acquaintances are not too thrilled about it. The further Dylan digs into the mystery, the more troubles and past secrets are revealed. With Elizabeth and a now undead Marcus as his companions, can Dylan stop the undead from releasing a powerful demon on earth?

Against all my senses, I had a really good time watching Dylan dog. It is campy, unorganized, and filled with bad acting, but that is part of the charm. For whatever reason, it works. Except for the way scenes were put together. They either ended suddenly or the went too long. Admittedly, I was not sold at first on this film but its little jokes here and there made it worth while.

Brandon Routh also sold me on the film. His performance is somewhere between total commitment to the role and going full ham. Wherever that middle ground is, he relishes in its perfection. For the comical side, Sam Huntington puts his best foot forward and gives a hilarious performance as a man trying to adjust to the life of being a zombie.

Unfortunately, the leading lady is boring. Anita Briem gives an uninspired attempt. I agree that maybe the material she had to work with was not the best, but that is no excuse. As for the rest of the cast, most are mediocre at best.

Dylan Dog is admittedly not a great film. It has plenty of problems. But I quite enjoyed it. Maybe it was the campiness that brought back memories of 70’s horror films. Maybe it’s the quirky humor. For whatever reason, it is in my opinion one of the better B-films released recently.

Verdict: RENT IT!

Comments or opinions about Dylan Dog: Dead of Night? Leave them below.


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