I Saw A Film Today… Thor

Before getting down to my review of Thor, I believe it is time to issue an apology of sorts. Sorry that I have taken a few weeks off from writing reviews. Or if you are a friend or follower on Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure this was actually a welcome break for you. But now that I have a running laptop, everything should be right as rain. Besides seeing Thor, I have also seen the Kristen Wiig comedy Bridesmaids and the car thriller Fast Five. But for now let’s shift our attention to Marvel’s latest addition to the super hero genre of film, Thor.


Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is truly living the sweet life. For starters, he is a Norse god living in Asgard. Second, he is in line for the throne of king, which is currently occupied by Odin (Anthony Hopkins). He spends much of his time being an egotistical macho man and hanging out with his gang of friends, which include the Warriors Three and his childhood friend Sif.

But after Asgard is attacked by Frost Giants and Thor disobeys his fathers wishes, Thor is banished to Earth and stripped of his other-worldly powers. On this odd planet, Thor is greeted by Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), her assistant Darcy (Kat Dennings), and Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard). As odd as the Earthlings seem to Thor, Thor seems even odder to them.

Meanwhile in Asgard, Thor’s brother Loki is making a push to take over the throne, which is not difficult to do since Thor is banished and Odin is in a deep “Odinsleep”. But something does not seem right to Thor’s friends and they believe it is time to bring him home. Now worlds collide when Asgard brings war to Earth. Can Thor protect both?

Thor is a breath of fresh air to the stale genre of super hero films. If this film is a precursor of things to come with Green Lantern and Captain America, then this is a good sign.

That is if you can make it past the first thirty minutes. These minutes are stuffed with back story that can almost be overwhelming. And as it has always been my complaint, see this film in 2-D, not “3-D”. For one the 3-D adds absolutely nothing to the story visually. It also dims what you are watching horribly and makes some scenes muddled.

As for performances, they are quite good. Chris Hemsworth, who I know little about besides his brief appearance in Star Trek, is comfortable in his role and really humorous at that. As for his Asgardian brethren, they are your typical action hero sidekicks. As great as Natalie Portman is, her importance to the film besides being Thor’s love interest is questionable. And miss Kat Dennings, who I find to be Hollywood’s most under-rated actress, is just hilarious.

Thor truly is a refresh in a genre that has been in need of a refresh for a long time. It has action, something of a story, and a charismatic cast to boot.

Verdict: SEE IT!

So did Thor brought down the thunder in you opinion? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.


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