I Saw A Film Today… Bridesmaids

I love Kristen Wiig. She truly is hilarious. Evidence is in nearly any of the Saturday Night Live skits she has participated in. She has also been in some pretty good films. Paul, for example. She was also in the comedy Knocked Up, which I was not particularly a fan of. But that is where the genesis of Bridesmaids started, which is a female Superbad mixed with a little bit of The Hangover.


Annie (Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) have been best friends for almost all their life. Only in the area of love do the two differ. Annie is lost in this area and occasionally has casual relations with a sleazy guy (portrayed by Jon Hamm). Lillian, on the other hand, is now on her way to being a married woman and has chosen Annie as her Maid of Honor.

Now Annie must deal with the stresses that go with being a Maid of Honor. This includes such things as organizing lunches, showers, and the always crazy events that go with the bachelorette party. But with Annie’s already complicated life, can she handle to load? Or will the scheming ways of one of Lillian’s friends (Rose Byrne) be too much for her?

Bridesmaids is a rare comedy. It’s a rom-com but not one that follows the same played out formula that has been used for the past twenty years. It is a film about finding love but it is more about the hardships and virtues of friendship. As Kristen Wiig’s freshmen effort, she has come up with something quite special.

As for the cast, I don’t think you could have assembled a better group of people. Even Jon Hamm, who usually portrays a straight-forward role, is rather good in this humorous turn. As is the other male lead, Chris O’Dowd.

As expected, Wiig shines in this film. Her quirky comedy is a perfect fit, especially when she shares the screen with Rudolph. The two, SNL veterans, know how to feed off of each other. The supporting cast? Perfect. Whether it be Ellie Kemper or the scene stealing Melissa McCarthy, they do their job nearly perfectly.

The one real thing that I found problematic is that a few scene were longer than they should have been. But that can be overlooked I believe. This movie truly is a delight to watch. Good to see something be comedic and adult without being overly crude.

Verdict: SEE IT!

Comments and opinions are much appreciated. Leave them below.


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