I Saw A Film Today… Green Lantern

My favorite comic book hero has always been Green Lantern. Has been since I was a kid but I really don’t know why since I’ve only dabbled in collecting comic books when younger. I think it may have been the emblem that drew me in. But as I’ve gotten older and learned the history of Alan Scott and Hal Jordan, my love for the Lantern only grew stronger. That is why I greeted the announcement of a film version with excitement and concern. So is it what I and the other fans have been waiting for?


Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a test pilot for Ferris Aircrafts and has been tasked with proving the usefulness of a new flying system. He does this task horribly by beating it and getting fired.

In this time of personal failure Hal meets Abin Sur, a purple alien who is dying from fighting a sinister otherworldly being known as Parallax. He now passes on his power ring to Hal to become the first human Green Lantern.

Now it is up to Hal to step up and try to fight this menace even though other members of the Lantern Corps, especially their leader and Hal’s mentor Sinestro (Mark Strong). Hal, who has a past of quitting and being irresponsible, also has his doubts. But as Parallax draws closer, will Hal slip on the power ring and speak the oath?

Green Lantern would have been a great film… ten years ago. But today it is as generic an origin story as you can get. I understand that DC is trying to get these stories out as quick as possible in order to compete with Marvel’s mega adaptation of The Avengers, but a little more care could have been put into this.

One such area that needed more care was the CGI. At times it looked quite good, like when Hal is training with other Lanterns. At other times it looks like a second-rate original X-Box game, especially at the beginning. Another issue is the jumbled script. At times there is so much thrown in that things can get somewhat confusing. It can be overwhelming for someone not familiar with the Green Lantern universe

There is a pretty good cast here though. Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic Hal Jordan. He puts forth a great performance and his dry humor is a perfect match. Mark Strong is great as Sinestro as well. The only complaint I have is that he didn’t have enough screen time. And with names like Tim Robbins, Geoffrey Rush, and Angela Bassett you can expect something good.

The only performance I didn’t really care for surprisingly was Peter Sarsgaard’s Hector Hammond. He is a character where you are meant to feel some form of sympathy for him but you never really do. He just felt like a poor lead-up to the actual climax.

Personally, I wish DC had done the story of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern. I believe it would have been a more interesting and original story. But I can see why they would not, with the release of Captain America hot on the heels of this film. I guess two films set during the 40’s would have be too much. Who knows?

Green Lantern was not bad, just painfully ordinary and seen before. And I certainly did not feel satisfied walking out of the theater.

Verdict: RENT IT!

*Poster by Mads Hindhede Svanegaard

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One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… Green Lantern”

  1. The mythology is nonsensical and the plot takes forever to get going. But once it does, the movie takes advantage of a strong cast and a director who knows what he’s doing. Good Review!

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