I Saw A Film Today… Captain America

I have a distinct feeling that when we look back on this summer in a few years time, we will call it the summer of the superhero. And it’s mostly due to Marvel’s massive push towards The Avengers, which if you stick around after the credits of Captain America, you can get a glimps at what is to come next summer. But before that time, we must be introduced to the first avenger, Captain America.


At the height of World War Two, all Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) really wants to do in life is join the U.S. Army. The only problem with this is Steve has a list of heath issues and is a small guy, even if he has a large heart. So when he is given the chance to participate in a program run by Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) ,Col. Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) that would transform him into a “super soldier”, he jumps at the chance.

When the day of the experiment finally comes around, everything goes as planned. Steve is now a buffed-up mega soldier with ultra-human abilities. But this comes at a price as Dr. Erskine is killed by an assassin. The assassin turns out to be an agent of HYDRA, Hitler’s division of science run by Johann Schmidt, also known as Red Skull (Agent Smi- I mean Hugo Weaving).

After the incident, Steve is promoted to Captain, but reduced to nothing more than a war bonds salesman. He goes around the country, dressed in a tight costume as Captain America and punching Hitler. But when Red Skull threatens to attack America, Steve picks up his shield and plans to take him on himself.

In this vast summer of mostly impressive comic book hero films, this one is my favorite. It doesn’t really bring much to the comic book hero genre or the genre of war films for the most part, but it’s sepia-toned atmosphere was just enjoyable.

One of the biggest problems people have with Chris Evans being Captain America is that he already portrays another Marvel character, Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four. Well I’m here to say that his role as the good Captain is multiple times better than his mediocre performance as the Human Torch. Evans was made for this role and performs it admirably.

Most of the cast is great as well. Tommy Lee Jones’ character was tailored made for him and provides most of the humor in the film. Stanley Tucci, who I thought was going through a period of rather bland roles lately, was just wonderful. Hugo Weaving is sinister and great as Red Skull, even if he starts to stray into ridiculous at times. And my biggest surprise was Ms. Hayley Atwell, who I have never heard of outside of this film. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of her fantastic work very soon.

There were a few bad apples in the bunch though. One of the most prevalent characters in the film was Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark/Iron Man, who ended up being more of a stereotype than a character. You could practically feel the sleaziness oozing off-screen. I believe Stark would have benefited from a better actor. And outside of Hugo Weaving, all ze German roles were almost too German.

Captain America isn’t perfect, but with the summer beginning to draw to a close it was a fantastic end to this summer’s group of masked men.

Verdict: SEE IT (IN 2-D)!

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One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… Captain America”

  1. Evans is unprecedentedly touching and engaging for a superhero – and the rest of the cast help this adventure seem something close to character-driven instead of just being a bundle of stunts. Good Review!

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