I Saw A Film Today… 30 Minutes or Less

The director of 30 Minutes or Less, Reuben Fleischer, holds a tiny place in my heart. Why? Because a few years ago I decided to start this website and the first film I reviewed for it was Zombieland, Fleischer’s first film. Although a coincidence, I feel as if it was a sign of good things ahead. So when I heard about 30 Minutes or Less, I was pretty excited. So how did Fleischer fair in his sophomore effort? Well…


Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is a slacker pizza delivery man who has a problem showing up to work and delivering his pies on time. The only friend he has is Chet (Aziz Ansari), but he even manages not to deliver in this area after admitting to him that he slept with his sister (Dilshad Vadsaria). To say that Nicks life is in a rut is an understatement.

But things only get worse for Nick while making a delivery to an abandoned junkyard. He is ambushed and attacked by Dwayne (Danny McBride) and Travis (Nick Swardson), two dim-wits who have ambitions of opening a tanning salon/brothel. How do they plan to accomplish this? By strapping a bomb to Nick’s chest and making him steal $100,000 from a bank. They plan to use the money to hire an assassin to kill Dwayne’s dad so that they can in turn inherit a million dollars.

Enlisting the help of Chet, the two ill-equipped men must rob the bank within ten hours or Nick goes boom. But it’s when they actually accomplish this goal that things really go bombastic for the two.

30 Minutes or Less would have been better if it had not put all its memorable funny moments on the trailer for the film. Then again, that is not the only problem with it. It is a film that relies on crude humor, and unfortunately this brand of humor is utilized in the wrong way and most jokes fall flat.

The story is basic but has no solidity to it. The movie just kind of begins and then when you do arrive at the climax of the film, you also have arrived at the end of the film. Not to mention the many plot holes. I did not take a business class in college but I’m pretty sure you can start up a shady tanning salon with only one hundred thousand dollars, not a million.

As for performances, there is not a lot that impresses. Danny McBride can be funny at times, but in this he is nothing more than a clone of Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down. In fact, no film McBride has been in this year has been good, except for kung Fu Panda. But even in that minimal performance he is just annoying.  Jesse Eisenberg is fine I guess, just forgettable. The only person who is memorable is Aziz Ansari, which happens to be one of the hardest working comedians today.

30 Minutes or Less is like one of the pizzas Nick is supposed to transport- it was never delivered properly.

Verdict: SKIP IT!

Thoughts? Opinions? Leave them below.

*Poster by Matt Owen


One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… 30 Minutes or Less”

  1. This is no comedy classic, but it delivers plenty of laughs, thanks to a witty script and no less than five very hilarious performances. Good Review!

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