The Unstoppable George Lucas

Some films have since their beginning had a following. And no film has brought in fanboys and fangirls more than George Lucas’s beloved trilogy, Star Wars. Like many kids since its release, I watched wide-eyed as the rebels took down the Death Star in A new Hope. I was stunned to hear Darth Vader confidently say “No, I am your father” to Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. And my first crush came in the form of Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini in Return of the Jedi (just as a side note, she still is to this day a big crush for me).

In fact when the trilogy was released on VHS in 1995, I was told if I could behave myself in class for an entire week, my parents would in turn purchase the glorious box set for me. After a week of dedicated and exhausting good behavior, the prize was mine and I would go on to watch each film multiple times.

But as I have grown older, instead of exclusively loving the films, I have also had a growing worrying feeling. Why? Because of George Lucas, who has taken it upon himself to try to dismantle his masterpiece. He has made revisions to these films many times now and nearly all of them have not been for the better.

The newer versions of the films are nothing more than random and unnecessary things thrown into it. They don’t add anything to the story and only serve to disrupt the flow of the film. I, like many others, squirm instead of enjoy these new additions when watching the films. And I’m not even going to start on the prequels. That would be another article entirely.

Now on the eve of Star Wars being released in glorious Blu-Ray, I should be celebrating its release. Instead I am more angry than anything. Because instead of catering to the wants of his audience by offering both the original and altered versions of the films, Lucas’s ego is only dishing out the altered versions. The reason as to why? He says that it would cost too much money to restore the original versions.

But wait Georgie boy, aren’t you converting all six films to 3-D in order to re-re-release them in theaters? I only bring this up because, although I do not have the figures in front of me, I’m guessing that converting six films to post-production 3-D is more expensive than cleaning up the original films to Blu-ray quality. Plus, looking at the statistics for this summers 3-D films, I’m thinking that more people would appreciate it if you would drop the 3-D project all together. And you would be in the good graces once again with the group of people who once considered you a Nerd god. But I’m guessing George is just going to ignore this piece of advice. Why would he listen to the people who have made him who he is today?

So on September 16 when other people will be dropping large amounts of cash the beloved films, I wont be. I’ll be saving that money for when Lucas finally decides to clean up the originals. Until that time, it’s just me and my VHS tapes.

Comments? Opinions? Leave them below.


One Response to “The Unstoppable George Lucas”

  1. I’m so torn on this. It will kill me to not have my favorite series of films ever in the best available format but man…not sure I can take more changes. It’s his film so I guess on some level he can do what he wants with it but I also feel like he owes a little something to the fans who made him the bajillionaire he is and just allow us to have the original version which is all we really want. Good post.

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