I Saw A Film Today… 50/50

Seth Rogen has been in a comedy where he was the friend of a person with cancer before 50/50. That movie was called Funny People and it was bloody horrible. With a cast such as Leslie Mann, Adam Sandler, and Rogen you would think different. Well, Sandler maybe not. But it was just dull and not funny. Now I’m hoping that Rogen can redeem himself with this film.


Adam (Joseph Gordan- Levitt) is a regular young man for the most part. He has a schlubby best friend Kyle (Rogen) and a snarky, arty girlfriend Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard). He has a good job at a radio station. But this all changes when he goes to the doctor and learns that he has a rare form of cancer on his spine.

While still being confused about this point in his life, Adam does his best to embrace it. He and Kyle try using his illness to pick up women after Rachael is caught cheating on him. And he has also developed a good system of people to surround him. He has Kyle. He has his neurotic mother (Anjelica Huston). He has his psychiatrist, Katie (Anna Kendrick). And when receieving his chemotherapy, he has two older gents (Phillip Baker Hall, Matt Frewer) who can score great medical weed.

But the closer Adam get’s to his surgery, the more the pressure starts to get to him. Will his friends be able to keep him together before the big day?

50/50 is an oddly heartwarming film, and not in the Terms of Endearment sense. I’m not saying I know from experience the trials of cancer, but I’m guessing this is an accurate depiction of the process. I say this considering this is based on the experiences of Will Reiser, who is the writer of the movie and experienced cancer firsthand.

The film, although quite hilarious, has it’s fair share of serious and dramatic moments. But unlike most other dramedies, these moments don’t seem forced onto you. They come off naturally and genuinely necessary to the mood of the film.

Joseph Gordan-Levitt is quite good in this film. It’s probably one of the best performances of his career in fact. His comedic timing is near perfection, as was his highly dramatic moments. Seth Rogen is okay I guess. He has his moments but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before really. His overly enthused fuel that has been the staple of all his performances is in full display here. In truth, it’s his tamer moments that were his best.

Anna Kendrick is also really good. She is perfectly cast as Adam’s uptight psychiatrist. Bryce Dallas Howard is fantastic as well, although in the future I would just like to see her play a role where she doesn’t play the mean girl. As for the supporting cast, mostly everyone is great with Anjelica Huston being the exception. It was quite nice to see Matt Frewer and Phillip Baker Hall cut loose with Gordan- Levitt and Rogen. And Adam’s dad (portrayed by Serge Houde) may have had a minimal presence in the film, but he does it so well that it is worth mentioning.

50/50 takes everything that Funny People meant to do and then does it. Not only does it but does it fantastically.

Verdict: SEE IT!

*Poster by Jesse Payne


3 Responses to “I Saw A Film Today… 50/50”

  1. Funny People tried and in a way succeeded but became too much of a totally other film by the end of it while this did an amazing job with blending both together so so well. Great review Kev.

  2. Great review! JGL is fantastic in this. I really hope more people get out to see the film and his performance in particular.

  3. Nice review, I hate mysef for thinking I was going to hate this movie. JGL continues to impress me in everything I see him in.

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