I Saw A Film Today… Puss In Boots

When Puss in Boots was originally presented in Shrek 2, I thought of him as nothing more than a gimmick. To me he was just something for the studios to sell a couple of plush toys and things like that. And my thoughts on the character did not change when it was announced that he would be receiving his own spin-off film. But one of the magical things about cinema is how it can change your opinion on something. So with my gummy bears and cheap 3-D glasses, I sat myself in my seat and prepared for a journey through a fairly tale world.


Puss (Antonio Banderas) is an outlaw cat moving from town to town in Spain (I believe). But he’s not your ordinary pick pocket because he doesn’t steal from the poor or churches. Why? Because he still maintains that he is innocent of the thing from his past that gave him his outlaw status.

When presented by his once friend Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and another thief named Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek)with a plan to steal magical beans from the murderous duo of Jack and Jill (Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris), he is initially resistant to the idea. That is until he realizes that the beans can help him clear his name of his crime and bring a smile back to his adoptive mother’s face.

Much to my surprise, I rather liked Puss In Boots. I would not say better than Shrek or Shrek 2. But it is without question better than the forgettable third and fourth films in that series. It is a world filled with fairy tale stories that have clever little twist to them. And unlike the Shrek films, Puss is not choked and filled with pop culture references every minute of the film. This is a nice change of pace.

There is plenty for the kiddos to enjoy here. Plenty of physical and cute humor to keep them entertained the entire time. But there are enough moments for adults in this as well. There is even a pot joke sprinkled in it (don’t worry, you’re kids wont get it… hopefully). As for the 3-D, it certainly adds nothing to the film. This was also the first film where my eyes were starting to hurt midway through it. Such a beautiful film is slightly tarnished by this horrible technology.

The biggest selling point of this film was Antonio Banderas’s work. He takes the concept of the cool cat and makes it into a reality. He is a combination of The Man with No Name and a suave stereotype Spaniard. Even when the story is at its weakest, Banderas makes it worth it. As for the rest of the cast, they do great but I’m not really sure it would have made a difference if someone lesser known as Galifianakis and Hayek would have affected the film in any way.

This is not the best animated film to be released this year but your kids wont be care. They will love Puss’s shenanigans and you wont be bored to death with it either.

Verdict: SEE IT! (In 2-D)

*Rated PG for some adventure action and mild rude humor.

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One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… Puss In Boots”

  1. The character may be here to save the day, but the movie’s only here to pass the time and it does that just fine. Nice review Kev.

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