I Saw A Film Today… Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas initially didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I had not heard much about it and that either means I was being a wee lazy or that it was so poorly advertised that it would come and go without much notice. But it stuck around at the theater and most of the people who came out of praising it, child and adult alike. So like some screen gems I’ve seen this year, I went in expecting little and coming out impressed. Although I really could of used less Bieber in it.


Christmas Eve is a big night in the Claus household for Santa (Jim Broadbent). Well, it used to be. Now with the modernization of the Christmas present delivery system by his son Steve (Hugh Laurie), Santa goes along more symbolically than anything else. Santa’s other son Arthur (James McAvoy) is a clumsy bloke and is assigned to letter responding duties. And after a successful night of delivering gifts to all the good children in the world, it is time for everyone to settle down for a night of rest.

That is until it comes to the attention of Arthur and Steve that one present didn’t get delivered- a pink bike to a little girl named Gwen in England. Steve and Santa chalk this up to a mistake that can’t be fixed. But this is unacceptable to Arthur, who immediately begins looking for alternative methods to get the gift to Gwen.

When all seems lost to Arthur, Grand-Santa (Bill Nighy) comes up with a wild idea: to hitch up the old reindeer to his old sled and deliver it themselves. Accompanied by an elf named Bryony (Ashley Jensen) and not much else, the three set of a an adventure around the world. But will they get the gift to Gwen before the Christmas sun shines in her bedroom window?

Arthur Christmas is a surprising modern Christmas film in that it is really good. Most films in the holiday genre in the last couple of years strictly try to aim for the nostalgia value or trying to recreate It’s A Wonderful Life to an extent. This film doesn’t mess with that and just makes it it’s own.

There are a few complaints I have about it. One obviously being the “3-D” technology. I just don’t get why studios continue to think people enjoy this gimmick. I’ve never really met anyone who said at the end of their film “boy, the 3-D really made that movie.” Another thing this film could of used less of is the plague known as Justin Bieber. Really, Bieber and Christmas are not two things that go together.

As far as voice acting goes, you can’t get much better. You get a wide and fantastic selection of British actors, ranging from Dr. House himself to the always magical Bill Nighy. James McAvoy seems to have found a happy place in voice acting and is just great as Arthur. And the amazing Ms. Ashley Jensen should not be overlooked.

Arthur Chirstmas was a pleasant surprise this holiday season. When the only other major Christmas film released this year has been another Harold & Kumar mess, this looks like gold. But then again this film is golden anyways. It’s wonderful for adults and children alike. If you’ve ever wondered how Santa get all his presents delivered, then you’ll know after watching this.

Vedict: SEE IT! (IN 2-D)

*Rated PG for some mild rude humor.

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One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… Arthur Christmas”

  1. The more good reviews I read about this film, the more baffled I become by one of my best friends reactions – she hated it, which is her prerogative I guess but I keep hearing the exact opposite from everyone else. Great write up! I really must see this!

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