The Buffalo Predicts the Oscars.

This years Oscar nominations were rather disappointing. Not that many of the nominee’s didn’t deserve their nomination. It’s the people and films that were snubbed. Many career-defining performances that was simply dismissed by the Academy. Shame really.So for the third time for this site, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and choose who I believe will win this years statue. A little less enthusiastically this time around though.


  1. The Artist
  2. The Descendents
  3. Extremely Loud & Incredibly close
  4. The Help
  5. Hugo
  6. Midnight in Paris
  7. Moneyball
  8. The Tree of Life
  9. War Horse

Who will win: The Artist

Who should win: The Artist

Who could win: The Descendents, The Help

Who got snubbed: Drive, 50/50

Really? Only nine best picture nominations? It feels like the Academy purposefully tried to stick it to someone. My guess? Nicolas Winding-Refn’s L.A. noir Drive. That would have made this race rather closer to me. That would have presented The Artist more competition, respectfully. The popularity of The Help could maybe give it a chance. Another head contender is George Clooney’s The Descendents.


  1. Martin Scorsese, Hugo
  2. Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris
  3. Terrance Malick, The Tree of Life
  4. Alexander Payne, The Descendents
  5. Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist

Who will win: Michel Hazanavicius

Who should win: Michel Hazanavicius

Who could win: Alexander Payne, Martin Scorsese

Who got snubbed: Nicolas Winding-Refn (Drive), Steven Spielberg (War Horse)

Another win for The Artist. Pretty clean-cut here I believe.


  1. George Clooney, The Descendents
  2. Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  3. Brad Pitt, Moneyball
  4. Demian Bichir, A Better Life
  5. Jean Dujardin, The Artist

Who will win: Jean Dujardin

Who should win: George Clooney

Who could win: George Clooney, Brad Pitt

Who got snubbed: Michael Fassbender (Shame), Ryan Gosling (Drive), Joesph Gordon-Levitt (50/50)

Always a difficult category to make a decision for, this was more difficult for the simple fact that I’ve only seen two out of five performances. A victim of regional access to many small releases, I never got to see A Better LifeTinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Descendents (Ok, that one may be my fault), or Fassbender’s overlooked Shame. I did get to sneak a few scenes from The Descendents the short time my local had it.


  1. Gleen Close, Albert Nobbs
  2. Viola Davis, The Help
  3. Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  4. Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
  5. Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn

Who will win: Viola Davis

Who should win: Meryl Streep

Who could win: Meryl Streep

Who got snubbed: Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

Viola Davis was great in The Help. Best actress great? Nope. And even though I feel Meryl Streep is a rather overrated actress, she was brilliant in The Iron Lady. Honestly it could go either way for both of these actresses in this category.


  1. Christopher Plummer, Beginners
  2. Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn
  3. Nick Nolte, Warrior
  4. Max Von Sydow, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
  5. Jonah Hill, Moneyball

Who will win: Christopher Plummer

Who should win: Albert Brooks

Who could win: ?

Who got snubbed: Albert Brooks (Drive)

This category would have clearly went to Albert Brooks. I mean, what wankers chose Jonah Hill’s somewhat forgettable performance over Brooks? But since that isn’t an option, I’m only going on what I’ve heard. Again, didn’t get to see most of the films in this category.


  1. Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs
  2. Jessica Chastain, The Help
  3. Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids
  4. Berenice Bejo, The Artist
  5. Octavia Spencer, The Help

Who will win: Octavia Spencer

Who should win: Berenice Bejo

Who could win: Melissa McCarthy

Who got snubbed: Carey Mulligan (Drive)

Again, I believe this is another win for The Help cast. Am I just missing the greatness of their performances? I found Octavia Spencer’s performance pretty good, but not Oscar nomination good. That goes for the film itself. It’s good yet somewhat overrated. Berenice Bejo could snag the win though. I found her performance to be the most brilliant of this group of lovely ladies.

These are my predictions for the six main categories.  As usual, I have a watchful eye on nearly all the categories. And I will still be doing my annoying and expressive Oscar Tweet-A-Long. I look forward to you joining me on that night. A night of celebrating film.


2 Responses to “The Buffalo Predicts the Oscars.”

  1. hmm.. good predictions, seems likable.
    I guess we’ll have to see.

  2. The Artist is a slam dunk to win the Best Picture Oscar. No question.

    I wish it were possible for animals to get Oscar nominations. In a perfect world, Uggie would be a lock for Best Supporting Actor. LOL

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