I Saw A Film Today… Kick-Ass 2

ka2I don’t really know what to think of Jim Carrey. I understand his stance against gun violence, as any person with an ounce of humanity in his heart would, but I don’t really understand why he agreed to appear in Kick-Ass 2. Surely he must have known at least a bit what the film was going to be about with such a blunt title as Kick-Ass. Even if he had not seen the original film, he did read the script… didn’t he? Like I said, I understand if he objects to the material, but he did contribute. But if anything, his objection is doing more to drive people to see the film than it is not. Few people look at Carrey and say “huh, if he objects, well darn tootin’ so do I”. I don’t know if this is some sick marketing ploy or just Carrey not understanding how controversy works.

Dave (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is no longer fighting crime as Kick-Ass, and he’s bored to death. When he decides it’s time to get back into the game, his friend and fellow masked crime fighter Mindy (Chloe Grace Moretz) decides to drop out of the game.

Which is fine, because there are plenty of other masked vigilantes for Dave to pick from. He eventually joins up with a team called “Justice Forever”, Lead by Colonel Stars & Straps (Jim Carrey). The other members that patrol the night with them are Battle Guy (Clark Duke), Night Bitch (Lindy Booth), Insect Man (Robert Emms), and Doctor Gravity (Donald Faison).

But when Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), whose father was killed by Dave in the previous film (spoiler alert), learns that Kick-Ass is patrolling the streets again, he decides to form his own group of stereotyped villains to take down “Justice Forever”. Masks are going to collide in Manhatten, and plenty of CGI blood will be flowing.

There is a point in this film where ten NYPD officers are killed in varying ways such as being blasted from their cruisers by a propane tank, being chopped to bits by a lawnmower, and many stylized ways of having a bullet tear through their bodies. Is there a real purpose to this scene? No. In fact, it isn’t really connected to the scene at all. It’s just a vignette that comes from nowhere.

It is here, amid an already splotchy story, that I realized that where the first film had an ironical humor on Hollywood violence, this sequel glorifies it. It turns into something perverted and sexualized, like a view into Sarah Palin’s wet dreams. Peoples arms breaking and CGI spurts of blood, Diarrhea, and vomit is not really entertaining nor humorous. I may have gave a short chuckle once or twice, but most of the time I spent with my head in my palm and my face scrunched up.

The plot is very flimsy. Maybe because there is just too much trying to be squeezed into a two-hour time frame. And way too much time was spent exploring the world of female teenage drama, even a creepy scene in a forest that thankfully didn’t lead into the rape situation I thought it was going. Then again, this is based on a work by Mark Millar, so inevitably that sense of relief was short lived for a character later on. That too, thankfully though, didn’t visually lead to where it was going either. But you don’t get away from it without hearing Mintz-Plasse utter the phrase “It’s time to see what evil dick taste like”.

Casting is rather mediocre for the most part. The best of which also sadly has the shortest screen time. Oh course I’m talking about Mr. Carrey’s Colonel Stars & Stripes. To think Jim’s comedic tank is empty would be a mistake as proof by this role. If he could find a decent script and give it a proper go… that would be a thing to see. The rest of the cast sadly would be quite entertaining if they were purposefully trying to act like they were in some odd, ironical Lifetime special, but they’re not and it’s just overdone.

I wasn’t too keen on the original Kick-Ass. It was something I probably won’t ever watch again. I could respect what Matthew Vaughn attempted with the first film mostly, But not this mess written and directed by Jeff Wadlow. I cringe at the idea that in a few years there will inevitably be a Kick-Ass 3.

Verdict: Skip it!

*Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, crude and sexual content, and brief nudity. 113 minutes. Directed by Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf, Never Back Down).

**Thanks to my friend Cody for seeing this with me.



One Response to “I Saw A Film Today… Kick-Ass 2”

  1. Obviously not as good as the first movie, but still okay in it’s own way. It just is more tonally uneven, and bloody than before, but doesn’t have much of a reasoning to be either parts. It just is. Good review Kev.

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