Why You Should Stop Worrying About Ben Affleck and Worry About Everything Else

Ben AffleckNerds, though we vary in so many forms and shapes and mindsets, are united in many glorious ways. One of which is just how opinionated we are about… well, everything. You can be praised one day for viewing some obscure anime OVA and then the next day be chastised for never viewing an episode of Firefly (Fillion-Fanatics, pipe down and find your inhalers, it is on my list). It is one of the things that binds us, grandiose arguments about anything and everything.

But, sometimes, just occasionally, possibly, we need to be reminded to take a giant chill-the-hell-out-icillian, 35mg. This no more so relevant than with the recent announcement of Ben Affleck taking over the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming 2015 Batman Vs. Superman film under the helm of Zach Snyder.

For weeks rumors swirled with who would be donning the cowl after Christian Bale. Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Goode… Who oh who would it be? And then from nowhere it was announced that Benny would take over the role, and I was pleasantly surprised. What a great choice, right? Sure, his greatest crutch will be having to portray “wealth”, a task for such a blue-collar man, but think of having another top-notch performer in the cape…

But immediately the nerdverse, and anyone who had viewed a Marvel/DC film in the last few years, were sharpening the pitchforks and soaking rags in petrol for molotov cocktails. “What? He’s already Daredevil! I wanted Orlando Bloom to be Batman!!!!”, “Worst casting decision in the history of cinema”, “Dude too damm famous”, and other sorts of rubbish filled my timelines and feeds and Tumblr posts.

This is nothing new. With the announcement of every new Bond, especially current and widely considered brilliant Daniel Craig, there is an outcry of disapproval. I think the one that really stands out in relevance to this situation is when Heath Ledger was named as The Joker for The Dark Knight. People were furious that the handsome guy who was in “that there homo film”, to use the prose of my region of the world’s inhabitants, would be slathering the white and red face paint across his face. Yet, all that guff was forgotten the second his tragically twisted mug graced the screen.

What I’m getting at is you need to be patient and have some faith, because of all the things that could go wrong with this film, Affleck is probably not one of them. Because while the initial idea of of a versus film sounds like a novel idea, it’s actually could be a huge mistake for DC Comics. Possibly bigger than Green Lantern. Well, maybe not that bad. But close.

I just wonder if the movie-going public is ready for a versus film. Sure, it’s been in the comic community for decades, a nice little niche that spawns debate. Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine. Hulk Vs. Superman. Superman Vs. Spider-Man. JLA vs. Avengers. Godzilla vs. Barkley (Charles Barkley, by the way. No really, look it up. Remember that Nike Commercial from the 90’s?). There are many more. But here’s a little spoiler: Most, if not all, end in a draw of some sort. Usually when one of the hero’s archenemy shows up out of nowhere.

That in itself is enough to put off many film goers who expect a more definitive end to such a duel. That alone will leave some to exit theaters saying “Psh, that was stupid. Batman would have totally won”. But I wonder why DC Comics chose now to do this film. In a time when DC films are on a unstable platform, why? I can see Marvel being in a comfortable place to release a verses film, no skin off their noses, but not their biggest competitor.

And the fact that this film will be under the helm of Zach Snyder is worrisome. Man of Steel, to clarify, was a film I really enjoyed. But it just got by. The focus on choices and family were an unusual touch from him. But nearly everything else, the over-the-top CGI fight sequences that don’t have much structure, the lagging story, and dull character constructs are just a few of Snyder’s crutches. Now with the weight of the two biggest stars in DC’s arsenal, plus the genesis of what will be a Justice League franchise… do you really want all that in the hands of the guy who made Sucker Punch?

Look, we can sit here and nit-pick aspects and casting about a film that wont be out in two years day in- day out. But you know where it gets us? Nowhere. Because at the end of the day, the thing we are arguing about is going forward regardless of what pithy comment or meme you post on your Facebook. Really, we shouldn’t worry at all. We should focus on maybe something that physically effects us more, like bills or something else grown up. Or not, because that type of rubbish sucks.

Regardless, as I said earlier, just have some faith. And go watch Argo and then maybe stop judging Mr. Affleck solely on some failure of a film years ago, or where he is from, or how tall he is, or whatever other fluff you can come up with.


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