I Saw A Film Today… You’re Next

yourenextThere are few things that scare me. I don’t mean that in a macho or masculine way, I just don’t really have many. Spiders and people, mostly. Which is why when I go see some paranormal snoozer, outside of a select few, I don’t get really scared. Or excited. Or a racing heart. Or anything really, sadly. But films that are about humans being unreservedly barbaric to one another, such as in You’re Next, that’s the kind of stuff than makes me a bit uncomfortable.

The Davison family, though a monetarily rich family, are divided. In order to bring their kids together, Paul (Rob Moran) and Audrey (Barbara Crampton) have decided to gather everyone at their secluded New England home.

While everyone is getting re-acquainted and opening old wounds from the past at dinner, the boyfriend of one of the kids is shot with an arrow. Quickly the family is under attack by three animal-themed masked murderers. But what is unknown to everyone is that one of the kids significant other, named Erin (Sharni Vinson), is the apparent Aussie offspring of Xena and Wonder Woman. As bodies start dropping, some shady secrets are spilled. Who will be the last one standing?

You’re Next is nothing terribly original or inventive. It’s kind of like the bastard offspring of Funny Games and The Strangers. But boy is it fun, if a lot of red corn syrup and human depravity is what you consider fun. I mean, fun on the screen, just to clarify.

One of the things that has made me happy this year is 1) There have been a few good horror films to come out this year. Again, nothing entirely original but entertaining and with some intelligence. Maybe the beginning of a renaissance so to speak. 2) Less, CGI, more old school effects. More prosthesis and more buckets or fake blood. And this flick has both.

To be fair, to call this film a “horror film” is pushing it. A more correct genre would be suspense. It kind of depends on how scary you consider a film like this to be. And another thing that I came to realize after leaving the cinema and I was cozy on the couch, was that it’s a humorous film at moments. Dark humor obviously. Pitch black, seems like a more definitive description. It is mainly satire with a few little sick jokes sprinkled here and there. Nothing to bring a big laugh but more of a smirk.

As for casting, much like the film, there wasn’t much originality to contribute to the genre. Most are pretty bland and act like they were hired outside the Lifetime Studio when a truck pulled up and someone said “okay, you, you, you, aaaand… you”. Except for Sharni Vinson. She was one of the few who showed any believable emotion. She reminds me of a more aggressive Jennifer Lawrence, if you can imagine that. I’m interested in seeing more of her.

You’re Next may not be anything really original, but if a bit of gore doesn’t make you squeamish, then you’ll have a good time regardless.

Verdict: See it!

*Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, and some sexuality/nudity. 94 minutes. Directed by Adam Wingard (V/H/S, V/H/S 2).

** Thanks to Cody for sharing this bloody experience with me.


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