Renaming the Site: Nostromo Coffee

I don’t like the name The Stacks Only Grow. It was meant to reference the fact that the media I’ll write about (film, comics, video games, books, etc) always seems to stack up and grow, never deplete. It represents the maddening feeling of materials just piling up.

But its a boring phrase. An offhanded comment that doesn’t have the weight to be a site name. It’s too long and sterile. And as one of my closest friends so accurately pointed out, “it sounds more like a tagline, ya know?” And she’s right. It doesn’t represent what I want to do here, and more especially the atmosphere I want to make this. That’s why this site will now be Nostromo Coffee.

nostromoellenI fell in love with the USCSS Nostromo the first time I watched Ridley’s Scott’s Alien. Its unique in the way that the ship feels lived in and functioning, unlike a lot of science fiction interiors that feel sterilized and has glowing white lights everywhere. Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner (another Ridley Scott masterpiece) also has that same type of atmosphere and vibe. That’s what I want this site to feel like I guess. Comfortable and familiar, as much as a digital entity like a website can feel that way.

And coffee… because I love coffee. And the crew drinks quite a bit in the film. Just fits, really.

So nothing really changes on the site other than the name. I’m still having a slow go at getting articles published but working on it. And my thoughts and ideas about what I want from this site are still the same, but always evolving. So all I’ll really say is sit back and enjoy a cup of Nostromo Coffee with some chillwave in the background.

Well, one final thing: Alien day is on 4/26, coincidentally. So far it just seems like a couple of businesses trying to get some money out of people by offering “exclusives” (Like the Aliens soundtrack with green liquid-filled vinyl selling for an outrageous $225 from Mondo). But bollocks to all that. I encourage to instead watch Alien if you have never seen it. Or rewatching it if you have. It’s an important film to me, especially the heroine Ellen Ripley. And I think any fan of Sci-Fi or Horror should see this film at some point.


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